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The Wedding Collective

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Your wedding worries SOLVED!

The Wedding Collective is a one-stop-shop for all your wedding-related concerns and questions!

What's the Wedding Collective? A monthly gathering for engaged couples for wedding related concerns!

Led by industry professional and CEO of Asaadi Graphics, Neela Asaadi.

My goal is to provide creative solutions. We are introducing The Wedding Collective as an extension of our wedding solutions to alleviate this inevitably stressful process.

Gain in person support and hear from other brides and grooms to-be through our open forum monthly gatherings.

Who is the wedding collective for?

Our intimate setting is intended to be fun, educational and resourceful! Bring your questions, learn how to manage expectations and tips on reducing stress! Access our vendor list, a downloadable wedding guide and a community in our Facebook group!

Guest speakers will include:

past brides and industry professionals, relationship coaches, fitness gurus and health chefs!

What will I walk away with?


Q: Why did you start this group?

A: Having attended many weddings and now being in the wedding industry, I have learned a lot and gained a ton of experience case by case. I want to share my knowledge and create a safe-space for couples. There is a difference when you hear from an expert and other couples who are also going through what you are — opposed to your family and friends who are involved in your wedding planning. During each gather, I will reassure bride and grooms to-be with expectations and tips on how to handle situations.

Q: Can non- engaged couples attend?

A: Of course! This is open to anyone, we just encourage bride and grooms to-be to attend as they may benefit the most since they are in the process of planning and experiencing this now.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost is $37 per individual each session (aka, the price of 1 NYC workout class). You will gain a wealth of knowledge, leave stress-free, and access our Wedding Guide, our facebook community and our vendor list.

Q: Can we recommend themes we want to discuss?

A: Yes! I'd love to hear your thoughts & insights on what you'd like to cover each month!

Q: We live outside New York... how can we benefit from this?

A: We will begin recording the sessions so viewers can access our discussions after each gathering. Videos will be posted on our website within 1 week after the event date.

Q: What if I can't make the upcoming session?

A: The Wedding Collective will be held monthly so no problem, join us next time!

Q: Where do we get tickets?

A: Visit our website or eventbrite!

Q: Can I bring my mom? She wants to come!

A: Absolutely! Again, we encourage couples to attend but this can be for anyone related to your wedding party!

The Wedding Collective | our wedding worries SOLVED!  The Wedding Collective is a one-stop-shop for all your wedding-related concerns and questions!


February 19: Etiquette

March 18: Self care

We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

To purchase tickets, visit: Eventbrite

For further questions, email:


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