Announcing our newest addition to Asaadi Graphics family...

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Baby Design & Curation


Baby and Nursery Decor, Paper Goods, Learning sets & more!

— Creating beautiful things for the cuddly, cute and curious —

Lala by Nee is Asaadi Graphics' newest arrival! The word “lala” in Farsi, means to sleep or rest. A fun play on words — lullaby and its creator. This brand is a testament to Neela's love for family, bringing joy into people's home and hearts.

The relationship that Neela fosters with clients is one that leaves a lasting impression, knowing that they can trust her with vision — without hesitation. 

Explore our collection of work!

Lala By Nee Nursery Art

Nursery Artwork

Choose from 9 unique nursery decor designs. All sold is sets of 3.

Baby Announcement

Birth Announcements

Introduce your little bundle of joy to family and friends.

Numbers Learning Sets

Language Learning Set Flashcards

For numbers, shapes, colors, fruits & veggies. Offered in Spanish, French and Italian.

Baby Stationery

Children's Stationery

Personalized paper goods with custom artworks.