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How to Design a Nursery You’ll Love

Consider your newborn's nursery to be a sanctuary — the ultimate happy place that is cozy, bright and lush.

Custom Nursery Decor
Custom Nursery Decor by Asaadi Graphics

  • Lighting: Install a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting level to suit the mood, such as during night feedings. Also, consider adding a soft night light to create a calming ambiance.

  • Paint and Decor: choose a calming color scheme that complements your furniture and bedding. Soft pastels like blue, green, or pink can create a soothing atmosphere. Add some personality to the nursery with decorative items such as a colorful rug, artwork, or wall decals. Choose items that match your theme or color scheme.

  • Seating: A comfortable glider or rocking chair is essential for late-night feedings and cuddles. Choose one with a footrest to enhance your comfort.

  • Shelving: Use floating shelves to display books, toys, and decorative items. This will help keep the room organized and add some personality to the space.

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