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Wedding Etiquette & Expectations Guide

If you are reading this and are recently engaged, first and foremost, congrats!

Everything listed here is intended to support you through your wedding journey, from yes to I do.

Remember this is a learning experience and you’re not supposed to know everything about weddings when you get engaged. Let this process be enjoyable and something you and your partner grow through together. A lot of decisions are about to be made and I am here to tell you what to expect during that time!

Number 1. The Initial Shock.

At first, everything is going to seem like a whirlwind. That’s 100% normal. You may feel like you’re up against time and things may not be working out in your favor at the first go. Do not worry! Stay POSITIVE, remember this is a celebration of you and your partner. Each moment should be symbolic of you, your partner and your love story. Remember to make it your own.

Number 2. Expectations.

As decisions begin being made.... How do you deal with other people’s expectations for your wedding? While we all love our family and value our friends opinions, sometimes the way they communicate their thoughts may come off unfavorably. Do not take this personally. Many decisions are about to be made and you’ll want the people who’s opinion you respect most to be involved.

The Location... People are busy — with schedules, their jobs, significant others and families. While you are focused on planning an amazing celebration, they are worried about planning for their lives. (Applicable more for destination weddings)

The Dress... Ladies — when going dress shopping, the first few times may be very overwhelming. You most likely have not tried a dress on before and you are about to be very surprised. I emphasize choosing carefully who you ask to come— at least the first couple times. This is a very special moment but also can be more emotional than you expected. You want to surround yourself with only positive energy and feedback!

The Vision... Communication is key. Be willing to compromise. There are ways to both your desires outcomes if you decide what is a “must-have” and what you’re willing to do without.

* PRO TIP: In times of difficult decision making, lean on your vendors and seek guidance for their expert opinion. Less is more. And everyone has an opinion. While they have the best intentions, giving away too much information early on may not always best serve you. Being a bit more vague will prevent you and your partner from stressing over decisions and situations that may not be 100% set in stone. Therefore, by not discussing much early, you will be able to prevent any unnecessary overwhelm.

Number 3. Etiquette.

Formalities... Invitation verbiage and language. Things to consider:

  • How formal or informal would you like it to sound? The language of your wedding details will set the tone.

  • Who is hosting? This will determine who’s names are listed on the invite.

    • Both sets of parents

    • One set of parents

    • The couple

    • Everyone

RSVP... This is a common discrepancy usually between the couple and their parents— whether or not responses should be printed or digital. This is entirely up to you. Nowadays, almost everyone has a phone and can immediately submit their response. Again, this decision should be consistent with the language in the invitation and overall theme of the wedding.

"Adults only..." If your wedding is a destination... You need to decide if you’d like the entire weekend or just events to be “adult only”. Most guests will either assume they can make this a family vacation and bring the kids to the wedding or they will arrange a sitter.

If it is “adults only,” it is recommended to communicate this:

  • On your wedding website

  • Verbally

As a host, it is considerate to suggest they look into options at the hotel or the venue for sitters.

Number 4. Milestones.

Prioritizing Tasks... We are here to support and guide you through all the fine details. By establishing a relationship with us early on, we get to know you as a couple and from there, take care of the rest. We pride ourselves on creating a seamless experience that is beautifully tied together to share your story each step of the way.

A planner handles day-of coordination and third party vendors.

Here is where I step in… as a trained graphic designer and experienced brand specialist — my goal is to take the stress out of everything from the moment of a proposal to the moment a couple exchanges “I Do’s.” With all the competing factors in planning a wedding, I can deliver the all-in-one solution, where you can access everything creative and visual you need in one place!

Below is a year long timeline that we have created to guide for the essentials milestones by month. For more information, feel free to contact me directly:


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