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The Top Trends for Weddings in 2023

With a new year ahead of us, there are so many exciting new trends happening in weddings!

Let's take a look at the top 5— WHAT'S IN:

  1. Grazing boards— During cocktail hour, the most crowd-pleasing way to display food (from any cuisine) seems to be with a beautiful charcuterie station. Get inspired and think outside the box.

  2. The Grace Kelly- inspired bridal look— Elegant and Timeless. We keep seeing brides lean towards this style, especially with longer lace veils.

  3. Intimate ceremonies— The pandemic taught us that intimate ceremonies are in fact, more intimate. If you feel most comfortable with just your nearest and dearest, have no fear, this is your Big Day, celebrate it how you please.

  4. Embrace local talent— When thinking about entertainment, select a mix of talent from near and far, hiring your go-tos and talent you've always admired. The welcome event can be a perfect time for a performance, ambient tunes, or an all-night dance party.

  5. Speakeasy After Parties— Guests loved to be surprised. Delight family and friends with a sexy and unique beverage experience. This is a perfect way to break up the evening with a spontaneous way to continue the celebrations.


  1. Uniform Bridesmaids Dresses— Let your closest crew stick to a palette but choose their own style that best suits them!

  2. Standing Wedding Parties— This is your Big Day, let all eyes be on you!

  3. Fireworks— These tend to be extremely overpriced, so save where you can!

  4. Wedding Hashtags— The same way Snapchat filters fizzled out, hashtags seem like they had their moment.

  5. Wedding Cakes— Dessert stations are more fun and give guests some variety to pick their favorite sweets!


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