Wedding Planning Without a Plan During Quarantine

Tips on how to navigate wedding planning when everything is up in the air. Making it work despite the current circumstances!

So you’re planning a wedding all while practicing the concept of social distancing? I’m here to reassure you that you’re not alone and by putting a few concepts into practice, we can get through this challenging moment in time.


Remain well-informed, make well-educated decisions with your partner, and then move on. This is a great strategy for wedding planning but also can apply to any future plans you had to postpone for the time being. We are all feeling a sense of urgency as life is rapidly changing, sometimes as frequently as every hour. Use your best judgement and don’t dwell on things you may not have control over in the moment.


Manage expectations and communicate. Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, you will be getting tons of questions from everyone around you. If you are facing a challenging, take a step back. First, inhale...then, exhale any negativity. We have the ability to control the tone of the conversation in order to gain a desired outcome. Next, schedule a time to communicate with your wedding team.


Plan to have no plan or at least an alternative.

Things may very well go wrong, but you must consciously let go. It may not feel natural for you but accept that some things are out of your control. Ways to avoid chaos, is to have an option C, D, and E. You won’t regret having alternative plans and there's no harm in being extra precautious. Play out each scenario and create a cushion, a buffer, and a backup.


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