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Why Date Night is NOT Cancelled

Make date night "out" date night "IN" with these easy tips!

Just because you can't go out as usual doesn't mean you and your partner can't keep things lively and fun with a date night AT HOME. Here are some fun ideas for how to make your "date night in" just as fun as a date night out.

"Cocktail Making Class"

- Put a YouTube video tutorial on that teaches you how to make your favorite cocktail (or maybe one that's super unique!) and make eachother.

Candlelit Dinner

- Make your home feel as fancy and festive as your favorite local restaurant. Dim the lights, light some candles, put some "mood" music on, and cook a gourmet meal together.

Watch a Concert or Broadway Show Together

- Lots of streaming services have free trials right now to see some of your favorite musical acts or Broadway shows online!! Check out Broadway HD and here's a list of virtual concerts that various artists are putting on over the next few weeks!

Adult Game Night

- Board games, card games, video games...pick your faves and set up a 1 on 1 tournament of games to make the evening fun! A little competition never hurt anyone.

Wine or Beer Tasting

- Good thing liquor stores are considered essential, right? Grab a flight of beers or a few bottles of wine you have been wanting to try and set up your own personal tasting. Pair the drinks with appetizers or small bites to round out the at-home Happy Hour.

What have you been doing to keep date night alive during this time?

Tell me in the comments!


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