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Ways to Use Your Quarantine Time to Plan Your Wedding

Just because the world is on pause right now doesn't mean you can't make progress with planning your wedding. There are still things you and your fiance or wedding team can do to be proactive on getting your big day set up.

Here are some things to consider while wedding planning at home...

Think about smaller details

Now's not the time to make the BIG decisions about your big day. Use this time to consider the smaller, more sentimental details that will make your memories of your wedding just as special and significant.

Focus on mental health

Refocus, regroup and remind yourself, your getting married! Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun and memorable. Not stressful and upsetting. So remind yourself that now is not the time you'll most likely get the HUGE aspects of your wedding set up and secured. Instead, focus on what you CAN do and use this time to connect with your future spouse about what you envision you big day to look, feel, smell, and taste like.


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Take advantage of special offers

With everything at a standstill, a lot of vendors are offering discounts and special offers to drum up business. Take advantage of these deals!! But that doesn't mean deciding hastily. Make sure you look through your favorite vendors websites and choose the professionals whom you like the 85% (at least) work of.

Embrace your NEW date

There IS a chance you may need to change your wedding date. Obviously, it's very difficult to change the day you thought and planned your wedding to be on. But take this time to get used to the idea of your new date. Perhaps choose a date that's already special to you in some way?

Get to know your vendors

If you've already decided on a lot of your vendors, take this time to reach out to them and let them get to know you even better! This way they can represent you and serve you even more authentically on your actual wedding day.


How are you wedding planning during quarantine?

Are you finding it more or less stressful?


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