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How to Support POC-Owned Businesses in Your Local Community

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

With everything going on right now, I am trying to do my part to be an advocate in any way possible for the the Black Lives Matter movement and people of color in general.

It's sometimes hard to know what to do to really make a difference in the wake of such a multi-faceted issue, but I am actively listening, researching, talking, and doing my best to take positive actions to support this cause.

Here are some things we can all do right from our own homes to make a difference in the fight against racial injustice...

Donate to Bail Funds | Here are 3 bail funds working to meet the bail for black people in NYC and around the country: Free Them All for Public Health, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and Covid Bail Out NYC. The National Bail Fund Network updates THIS LIST daily as well!

Sign Petitions | Sign this petition demanding the officers responsible for George Floyd's death be held responsible.

Donate to Victim Funds | See the full list of victim donation pages here.

Commit to Showing Up for Communities and Create Opportunities for Women and Girls | The Loveland Foundation

Follow organizations, influencers, and thought leaders that are sharing correct information to stay educated

Show solidarity by participating in peaceful protest, moment of silence, or candlelight vigil

Educate yourself on the history of institutional racism in the US and around the world

Have conversations with family and friends about racism and what changes you all can make to be proactive in the fight against it

Support and patronize black-owned businesses | If you're in the NYC are some local black-owned businesses you can support...

Here is another great article provided by Finimpact. To find more ways on how to support POC owned small businesses, check out this informative article!


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