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How to Incorporate Seasonal Colors into Your Wedding

The seasons can totally influence the theme and color palette of your wedding. Here are some tips for making use of all the seasons have to offer on your big day.

Just like all other choices that need to be made when it comes to your big day, choosing a color palette can be tricky. You want it to be unique to you and your fiance's tastes, while also fitting the overall theme and perhaps giving a nod to the time of year or season as well.

The question often comes up:

Should your color scheme be a reflection of the season that your wedding takes place or is it better to choose any palette you really love?

Why not both?

Your color palette should absolutely be something you love, but the seasonal will come into play when you consider what florals or greenery are in season for that time of year. The good thing is, every season has a range of colors that "go with it". So pick a palette that you're really fond of within the scope of seasonal appropriateness.

Here are some examples of what colors work well for each season:

Summer Weddings

  • bold and juicy colors

  • red, white, and blue

  • a tropical aesthetic by combining bright peacock blue, magenta, and a crisp white

  • a nice peach tone can add a summery, modern pop

Winter Weddings

  • all-white palette with a touch of shimmer and shine

  • icy blue and lavender

  • jewel toned colors like rich burgundy, sapphire, and emerald

Fall Weddings

  • warm and cozy tones

  • muted palette of white or neutrals that have a touch of warm pumpkin orange

  • eggplant, cranberry, and pumpkin with metallic gold highlights

  • hues inspired by autumn's foliage and seasonal produce

Spring Weddings

  • blush and soft green

  • peach and mint

What colors are you considering for your wedding?


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