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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Head Table

While all of your decor and table settings at your wedding are important, the head table takes the cake in terms of having a special distinctive looks

Head tables at weddings are reserved for the newlyweds, the wedding party, and any of their VIPs. This may include family members, children of any parents included, and any plus ones if there is room.

While your specific head table will differ based on theme and style of your wedding, one thing holds true: you'll want this special space to stand out.

Today I've rounded up 7 simple ways to make your head table setting special and signature to you and your future spouse.

Pops of Color

Big blooms and a verdant garland spread around the table paired with a bright colorful runner is incredibly eye catching.

Tall Center Pieces

Towering structures holding sprawling blooms of in-season flowers will be a hit for summer and spring weddings.

Weighted Balloons

Surround your head table with weighted balloons to make it stand out.

Destination Details

Having a destination wedding? Sprinkle in nods to the local culture and location. For example, for a wedding held in Hawaii, you could place leis on the bride and groom's chairs.

Mixed Lighting

Mix unique lights for a stunning, glowing effect. Candles, tea lights, string lights, and hanging lights all can be included.

Labeled Chairs

Calligraphed wooden boards placed on the backs chairs will guide people to their seats and free up more room on the table itself.

Overhead Flowers

Flower boxes hung above a head table, giving it an enchanted, woodsy feel.

For more head table inspo...head to this article!

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