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5 Ways to Throw Virtual Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

With many weddings being rescheduled or postponed until next year, the festivities and events that go along with them have been changed as well.

But there are still ways to gather your wedding party in the meantime to keep everyone engaged and excited about your big day.

Virtual bachelorette and bachelor parties will be the wave of the future, so why not get started now by hosting one for your own wedding party.

Here are some ideas for what do to during your virtual event!


- Take a workout class together, tons of options - either private or on IG live | Find a personal trainer or studio instructor that would be willing to host a live workout for her bachelorette party.

- Plan a spa day | Keep things low key by hosting a virtual spa day. Ask guests to bring their favorite face masks, eye patches or nail polish to the meeting. Everyone can enjoy their favorite drinks while donning cucumber slices and catching up on some girl talk.

- Have a happy hour! | Come up with some themed cocktails and send out the instructions on how to make them prior to the scheduled virtual party!

- Host Computer Karaoke | You can use YouTube or apps like Smule to get the music and lyrics for your crew. Dance parties may ensue!

- Do a cooking party | Find a simple recipe that your bride and guests can follow, and then lead them through it. Not only is it a fun activity for the group, it will also provide a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy together afterwards. OR hire a private chef that is conducting virtual cooking classes right now. Everyone can make the food right in their own kitchens and you can enjoy everything together.

What would you do during a virtual bachelorette or bachelor party?


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