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Our Magical Wedding Weekend in Sevilla

After many months in the making, it is so exciting to finally share all of the design and creative efforts that went into our wedding in Sevilla, Spain.

I faced my most challenging client yet to date… myself! When we started the process, it was important to pull inspiration from the city of Sevilla. We chose this magical location for a reason as it is full of the majestic colors, vibrant history that lays within the city’s architecture and a beautifully rich and lively culture. I wanted to honor the city by highlighting all it has to offer through visual storytelling.

I established the color palette using soft, earthy tones: honey, caramel, coral, clay and terra-cotta. Then I began brainstorming design schematics.

Our save the dates would be the first impression of our wedding to all of our family and friends. I wanted to do something unique and elegant, yet simple and effective. I hand-drew our monogram based off of symbolic elements that were meaningful to us, our culture and Sevilla — the orange and the pomegranate. The pomegranate is a symbol of love and joyous existence in Persian culture. The orange is a state fruit of Florida, where Razzy and I live. It also represents Sevilla’s orange trees- with over 25, over 25,000 throughout the city. The typography and design was a mixture of modern and classic, a theme that would carry throughout our wedding.

The invitations. The quality of the paper was very important. It needed to have weight to it so I went with a 3ply cardstock and of course, something textured.

For the color… I pulled from our wedding palette and intentionally chose tones that looked delicate yet rustic.

For the design itself, I hand drew several wild flowers that would organically border the invitation verbiage.

The final touch was my favorite and a media form I’ve always wanted to work with. This is an element that is not so frequently used due to its complexity but I absolutely love it… gold foil flakes. This was by far the most tedious but rewarding part of the whole process. With a lot of trial and error and plenty of help… we were able to individually embellish each invitation to give a beautifully regal impact!

The last step was to pull the suite together with handmade paper bellybands and custom wax seals imprinted with our monogram.

The envelopes were lined using our monogram in a different color variation.

Once the invitations were out, our guests had a glimpse into what they could expect when they arrived in Sevilla. Now that we had the foundation of our wedding branding, we tied together every detail from that point on.

Our wedding website included a lot of information about travel, accommodations, the wedding agenda, a hand drawn map of Sevilla, and our favorite local spots in the city! Once guests arrived in Spain, the welcome bags included a weekend itinerary that came in the form of a custom newspaper with all the same information.

All of the day of signage included the dinner menus, the ceremony programs and procession cards, the seating board and placecard fans with each guest’s name on it. It was super important to us both that each detail felt intentional and cohesive!

Working on this was a dream come true and so many individuals were part of the process. I always say strength comes in numbers and that stands beyond true here. Thank you to everyone who made it happen, who supported us and made it the most wonderful experience and weekend of our lives!


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