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"How to find and save your wedding vendors & stay on budget" with special guest, Yasmeen, from The Wedding Pricecard.The topic of cost and budget can always be overwhelming. With so many vendors out there, finding your team that not only meet your needs but also understand your vision is so important. Yasmeen will share key tips to help engaged couples stay on track and feel comfortable with the expenses towards their dream wedding.


"Choosing THE wedding dress" with special guest, Andres, Head of Sales, from Sareh Nouri New York. Sareh is a world-renowned designer who creates one-of-a-kind gowns for her brides. Innovation and creativity have a whole new meaning as each piece is a work of art. Join our call to learn how her team gets inspired, starts the design process and how Sareh tailors the dress, just for you.


"Choosing your Bridesmaids & the expectations around your Bridal Party" with special guest, Jen Glantz, CEO of Bridesmaids for Hire. Choosing your bridal party in theory is super exciting, but let's face it, it can be extremely stressful dealing with all the decisions and drama involved. That's why we've asked Jen to share her expertise on the topic.

Who is this for?

We welcome brides & grooms to-be who are in the wedding planning process. Our community is built on support, showing up for one another each session. Imagine it to be group wedding therapy.

Why should  I  join?

The Wedding Collective is a safe space to gain support, get educated and digest all of the unknowns about a wedding. The is different than the support you receive from your family, friends and bridal party.​ Have questions and concerns but don't know who to ask? Ask other couples and see how they are handling similar situations.

When do you meet?

We are a virtual community that meets once a month on Zoom.  Each event will cover a new topic with special guests who provide real life take-aways from experience. 

Walk away with:

  • Your questions answered

  • Tips on how to manage expectations

  • Ways to approach budget challenges

  • Access to our vendor list

  • Downloadable guides on etiquette

  • Community in our Facebook group


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