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Why Handwritten Notes Are MORE Important Than Ever

Now more than ever, it's important to stay connected to your tribe. Your friends, your family, your mentors, the special people in your life you can rely on for support.

Although we can't see each other in person right now, there are still ways to stay emotionally connected to one another.

One of my favorite ways to communicate, quarantine or not, is through handwritten notes.

I'm talking:

- greeting cards

- letters

- postcards

- poems

- love notes

There is something so sentimental and authentic about taking the time to hand write your words to someone. Although personal handwritten notes are becoming less common every year, they're still a viable, unique option for expressing yourself and showing someone you're thinking about them. A bonus? Most people LOVE receiving special mail.

Unlike a text, a tweet, an email, or a DM, handwritten notes have more significance and permanence. In a world in which we are all in the go-go-go mindset, a handwritten note forces us to stop and take in someone else's words. Physically touching the paper it's written on makes us be more present and mindful....if only for a few moments.

Handwritten notes may seem like a grab at nostalgia for the past, but to me they will ALWAYS have a place in personal (and even professional!) communication. They let the important people in our lives know we care about them and think about them enough to do something as considered as pausing our lives to put pen to paper in an attempt to connect and sustain a relationship with them.


I recently released a line of greeting and stationary cards to help inspire you to take up a pen and write something to a friend or loved one! You can see the full collection here.

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